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In business since 1996, TFI is an experienced Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) healthcare management and IT consulting company. Our strengths are derived by uniting true health domain expertise and health IT competencies to help our customers collect, review, validate and analyze health data. TFI's services and solutions help our clients collect and manage health information, analyze and verify Medicare claim payment accuracy, store and process clinical research data – all in secure on premise or cloud-hosted environments.


Our Mission

TFI's mission is to become a trusted health domain expert for our clients through true collaboration and partnership in order to advise, design, develop and manage national health services and IT systems which strengthen and modernize the nation's ability to provide better care, improved health outcomes at lower costs.

Health Policy and Program Integrity

Health care organizations are at a heightened risk for fraud, waste and abuse including fraudulent billing, unnecessary services or prescriptions, kickbacks and duplicate claims as just a few examples that target programs and beneficiaries. TFI supports government agencies to monitor and verify beneficiary data and or track beneficiary program performance data to comply with federal policies and procedures and to identify and prevent potential improper behavior or transactions.

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Clinical Research Data Management

TFI provides informatics services and program support for scientists conducting clinical and translational research by the development of web-based applications that support protocol design and clinical data capture. TFI support staff also assist Principal Investigators (PIs) with the design and execution of research projects and provides systems utilities to import both structured and unstructured data which has been certified (and recertified) as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, to facilitate FDA compliance for those projects subject to FDA inspection.

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Health Information Technology

TFI strives to design, develop and securely implementhealthcare IT systems and processes that will improve the quality of health care, prevent medical errors, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care. Pressing national priorities about reducing healthcare costs, obtaining better health outcomes and efficiently managing the growing volume of health data have created a great demand for the proper and secure exchange of information in an electronic environment.

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